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Our Mission


The Sean Brock Foundation was developed to provide resources and educational assistance to the families of our true heros. The goal for this foundation is to provide scholarships to support the families of our fallen or wounded servicemembers.


In 2004, Sean Lee Brock put his education on hold and was deployed to Iraq for a second term. The USMC needed a Captain and he was one of the few that had the skills and qualifications to handle the specific responsibilities.


February 2nd 2005, Captain Brock succumb to injuries sustained after his compound was shelled with mortar fire. He is survived by his mother Anita, Rayme (brother), Kelly & Ivy (sister) and Heather (wife).


The foundation is a registered 501 (c) (3)  non-profit public charity dedicated to perpetuating the values of Captain Sean Brock, USMC through the provision of mentoring and scholarship opportunities to children of service members. The goal is to keep Captain Brock’s vision alive and provide assistance to anyone reaching out to further educational ambitions.

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